And Welcome to…

It’s been quite a while since I first opened this place! Below, is the “About” I originally wrote when I first created this wordpress blog.

This is my story site, I will be publishing stories here starting with my fantasy game-inspired story “Re-Blondé”.

I am ten years old and I love writing and drawing, I hope you enjoy my stories and Have fun!

(My mommy and sister helped me create this blog, but I wrote the story myself!)

-KeyHazel, opening day of this website.

But Re-Blondé isn’t my only story anymore, so stay tuned for more!
A lot on this website has changed since the years ago it opened. The design for it began when I was 10 (obviously) and a lot of things are different–you may notice a suspicious change in the dates when things were posted (nah, no one notices–I wouldn’t if I didn’t know) because recently when rearranging categories and buttons I had to delete a lot of stuff and repost the content.

Storytown is a magical place; each building is different, and when you open the door to it, it’s a story! There aren’t much houses or shops yet, but more stories will come soon. Some parts of Storytown may be facts or blogs–this place is unpredictable! Have fun!


This is the news! (But it can also answer your Not Frequently Asked Questions.)

-Several typos and grammar errors present, because my proofreading skills are very bad. And a lot of keys on my keyboard are broken…

The Jade Treasure, Re-Blondé and The Identity of Encil are fully published (a lot of content reposted), and I tried to fix my grammar, but it’s a lost cause with the first two. I’m currently writing two other stories, both untitled currently. Stay tuned?

-This site used to have a different URL, should anyone be confused. But it’s migrated to this now.

-You’re free to comment anywhere. As long as your comment is reasonable, even if it’s tough criticism, it will be approved by me. If it makes no sense, or has profanity in it, it will not be approved.

-I’ve got lots more ideas for stories! More and more will come!

-And if you want to know how to Pronounce Re-Blondé, head over to:
Re-Blondé Chapter 1: About Me!If you’re still not sure how, go to the comment section at: ‘Re-Blondé Chapter 1: About Me!’.

-Any questions can be asked here freely, either at the Home/About or the page of the story about it.

And that’s it, folks! News from the Author KeyHazel!

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